• CSM Security

If you've upgraded to NBN with VOIP then you need this upgrade for your alarm system

When your fixed phone line is upgraded to NBN's VoIP you are reliant on the service availability of NBN for your alarm system to communicate with the alarm monitoring centre. You need a solution for your alarm back to base monitoring.

CSM offer this communication upgrade for your security system

The solution to this is to utilise Multicom's 4 Plus panel to ensure constant and reliable communication of your alarm signals. By detecting network issues and outages, Multicom 4 Plus automatically switches the signal transmission to an alternative transmission path such as GPRS or GSM.

Australian designed, this affordable panel can be plugged easily into 99% of existing alarm systems by our experienced technicians.

Don't risk network outages and your alarm signals not getting through - future proof your existing alarm system by upgrading to Multicom 4 Plus today by booking your upgrade with CSM Security on (07) 4041 0375

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